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Indigo Sky Information Service
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Welcome to the Indigo Sky Information Service

Indigo Sky is a series of combined graphic + fictional novels from the creator of Rose Petal Tea.

Indigo Sky Synopsis

These books follow the story of a rather unconventional hero called 'Twinkle', a young man in his twenties who is sensitive, shy and perpetually
Constantly reminded of a dark and troubling childhood memory, Twinkle prefers to live within his own head, relying on daydreams and hopeful wishes
to keep him going.

Featuring a motley crew of unique, yet surprisingly familiar, staple characters seen in London's 'underground society' of misfits and unlabelled human
freaks, INDIGO SKY is a journey into one man's life and psyche- and perhaps even your own.

A strange medicine of dark humour, gritty realism, and even dabblings with the fantasy world is found in this series which presents to us a trail of
bad nights out at goth bars, teenage pyschology, desperate attempts to cling to childhood and fly-on-the-wall style visions of modern life.

A surprisingly honest portrayal of life in an apparently hopeless and crumbling modern society.

About the Creator

Cally Highfield (LJ alias cobweb_grey) has been a writer for years now, but it's only since early 2005 that she actually did something about it!
Her debut novel, Rose Petal Tea, was published in March 2005 by Authors Online, and reached #7 in the publishing house's Top Ten Bestsellers within a few months of it's release.
Rose Petal Tea is available to buy or order via all good bookshops, and can be bought securely at Amazon and Barnes and Noble's websites.

This Community:
Here, you can get updates about the upcoming Indigo Sky series, and interact with the author, and others who want to know more about the 'Twinkle saga'. Post your thoughts, ideas, fanart (there will be a fanart section in the first book!), and enjoy :)